Tuesday, 1 May 2007

moving up in the world.

Ever since I've worked here, I've had this problem. We've got an online phone directory, and my details are wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. For a while I was in admin, then I was in geography, then I had the wrong phone number, wrong office etc etc etc. I know I'm a bit of an anomaly in the system, but I must've rung the phone people 5 or 6 times over the last year and a half (unsurprisingly, the've got an easy phone number to remember); I've even spoken to the big boss of the phone people, trying to get them to put my details in correctly. But every time I give them the correct details and they promise to input them, I check the directory a couple of days later to find they've inputed all new wrong details. Why would they assume that I don't know where my office is or what I do when I spend 29.4 hours a week in there doing it? Why do they feel compelled to ignore my instructions and find the 'right' details? The best I can figure is that my details are terribly wrong in some database somewhere that they have to cross-check the phone book against.


Anyway, the last time I went through this rigmarole, I thought they'd gotten it pretty close. I spoke to the big boss of the phone people, and she said she would override all the mistakes. I checked the directory, and it was almost right. I still had an imaginary fax machine, but since no-one's likely to need to fax me, I thought I could live with it.

But last night, I looked myself up, because I couldn't remember my phone number (I don't call myself that often, and nor does anyone else). And lo and behold, apparently I'm now half way through a PhD. Aren't I clever!

Now I'm beginning to think I'm going about this entirely the wrong way. Instead of asking the phone people to fix my directory entry, maybe I should ring the scholarship people to find out why my funding's not coming through.

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Margie said...

hahahahahahaha. good one.
you probably could give it a shot...