Thursday, 3 May 2007


Yesterday on my way home, I heard a funny noise over my ipod. It was hundreds of white cockatoos flying out of the tree that I was passing. There were so many, it was just amazing.

I'm very excited to watch my new Father Ted DVD. It's got my favourite episode, 'A Song For Europe', where Ted and Dougal enter the eurovision song contest. Some helpful person has put it up on YouTube in three parts - here is first part for your enjoyment.

Someone else likes the Daim! chocolates I mentioned. And as much as I like Ikea, this post on the megastore and their Swedish sweets is hilarious.

Last night I made stewed apple and rhubarb, and this morning I ate it for breakfast with some honey Paris Creek yoghurt. Yum! I also watched the Cook and the Chef, and Maggie made a caponata that looked delicious. And actually do-able at home! I may just try it. Speaking of eggplant, the new Traveller's Lunchbox recipe looks great too.

Tomorrow I'm going to fire warden training. I think I get to try out a fire extinguisher! Still no sign of the silly hat though. Wish me luck!


Margie said...

I <3 the daim cake - it's gluten free!

m∃ said...

Yeah, my friend Nhan told me that cake is delicious too. I was kicking myself that I stuck to the bars on my last Ikea pilgrimage once I heard that.

Margie said...

As much as I enjoyed that story, I really do like my new grater as well. ;)
And our flower shaped fairy lights.
...... and our other things we didn't know we needed til we got there.