Wednesday, 30 May 2007


In another example of the bureaucracy trying to prove I'm just a figment of my own imagination, my pigeonhole has been deleted.

At least when they did it with my phonebook entry, I knew who to contact. Admittedly they didn't believe me when I said "Yes I DO exist, I am HERE, PLEASE re-instate my details", but at least they listened.

I don't think there is a pigeonhole services department. I am thinking I should start using actual pigeons. It would be more efficient AND I could house them in some of this random furniture I have lying around.

And since they'd be working birds, I wouldn't even technically be contravening the No Pet Policy...


Margie said...

does the pigeon hole really get used for much though?

Margie said...

btw, i was thinking youw ould enjoy the book i just read.
you should read it.
the post-birthday world by lionel shriver.

m∃ said...

Well, they've started mailing my payslips home since they kept getting redirected a million times, so not really. It's just a problem when someone asks where they should send something...

Ah yes, I read your post on it. Can I borrow it sometime?