Friday, 1 June 2007

at the markets.

Apres mon classe francaise, je suis allee a le 'Central Markets'. (Corrections, anyone?).

I went to get some sweet bean curd... but I went a little nuts.

Clockwise from the Thums Up [sic]: Indian breath freshner (red variety); real cinnamon; lemon pickle; sweet bean curd with syrup; passionfruit greek yoghurt; Saint Agur cheese; rambutan; vanilla persimmon; sugar coated fennel breath freshener (pink).

I also bought a whole heap more spices in the Indian grocer that perhaps was strictly necessary.

The whole expedition was a little quicker than usual because there was a fire alarm at the markets. This meant that the lines got shorter when most people evacuated - not me though! Me not afraid of fire! Me have fire training! Raargh! (Also, there was no smoke and the shopkeepers didn't seem too worried).

Also at the markets, I got some good karma. =). I did my civic duty and rang the council to let them know that one of their parking meters was busted. It turns out you only have to use the nearest parking meter, and if it's broken - FREE PARKING! (But I think it would pay to ring the council and let them know, because they take your numberplate in case you get a ticket anyway.)

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Margie said...

yum yum yum. i shouldn't look at that when i am wanting afternoon tea already.....