Friday, 29 June 2007


After the disaster that was the last headscarf, I didn't think I'd be returning to the pattern. But surprisingly, my brother took a shine to it (and one of the other balls of Filatura di Crosa I had in the stash) and asked me to make him one. I knat it much smaller this time - I cast on 90 stiches instead of 120, and repeated row 5 only about 9 times instead of 15, and the equivalent in reverse - which meant I didn't have to shrink it in the wash to get it to a practical size. This also means it looks more knitted than felty, and its more stretchy. It's about the same width at its widest (maybe a little smaller) as the other one, but the difference is that it gets much skinnier at the back because there's not so much crossover. This would suit me much better as it leaves more room for hair; however, I suspect it also makes it a bit more girly which probably doesn't suit my brother so well. He wears it quite differently - low on his forehead, a bit hiphop rather than hippie. You can't see it in the picture (of me btw, excuse the bad hair day), but it's fixed this time with a big pale wooden button. Now we will both have nice toasty warm heads for winter!

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