Monday, 25 June 2007


Photo-essay of Tom's old place, for those who saw it, and those who missed it. The new place is infinitely nicer, but this apartment did have a certain amount of... charm.

1. Welcome! Tom's Front Door. The funky blue door with art deco handle was my second favourite bit about this apartment.

2. Lounge Room/Dining - Opposite View. The dining table is just out of view in the foreground. You can see the dodgy $50 ebay futon, which has now been freecycled, and the superbargain Dimmey's curtains which were about $900 cheaper than they should've been because the stripe is slightly off centre. The bookcase was from the Salvos: all other furniture courtesy Ikea.

3. Kitchen. Off the 'dining room', to the right of the flowers in picture 1. The second tier of cupboards was too high for me to reach, and the oven hadn't been cleaned since 1632. Ish.

4. The bedroom. You can see the door next to the bookcase in picture 2. Bike #2 + dirty laundry (literally and figuratively). The window is just out of shot to the right. Curtains were maroon and more expensive than the Dimmey's ones, and infinitely rubbish-er. (Note discarded flexible curtain rod in the corner). This window is east facing, and has a porchlight on a timer which means that this room was lighter at 5am than at midday with the light on.

5. The bathroom, off the bedroom. Pretty skanky, even after I attacked it with a toothbrush and bicarb +vinegar. Boy blue showercurtain to balance out the girly pinkness of the room.

6. The herb garden. Next to the front door. Since killed off by someone.

6. The best bit: the view. Chocolate Jesus atop the local basilica.

7+8: Details: Postcard wall, and Pennsylvania Dutch 3d decorative paper stars.

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