Monday, 4 June 2007

baking and making.

Two good things to come out of Carous-hell. A new mustard Carla, and a new (and awesome!) chocolate chip cookie recipe.

The cookies were so good, they're almost all gone already, and my mum ate two, even though she's on a diet. The recipe is from Andrew the oboe's girlfriend's grandma, and I haven't posted it here, as I don't think it's my place to make it public. If anyone wants it though, I can email it (and off the top of my head, it was so simple).

[Update: my mum, yes the one on the diet, actually made another batch the next day. So good.]

And I will be warm and trendy in my new Carla: I only wish I'd brough it to work today - I'm freezing.

And a gratuitous cat shot - because this blog isn't l-a-m-e enough.

"Mmmm. Cooooookieees. I wonder how I can get in there without opposable thumbs?"


Margie said...

nice work on the carla!
looks nice and even :)
is the size happier for you?

those cookies look good. i want cookies.

m∃ said...

Yeah, it's actually not very even. I dropped a stitch somewhere, and on the last row found myself doing some k2tog and some k3tog...But considering I knat it all in half-darkness it's close enough for jazz. It's quite a lot bigger. The size is ok -I think somewhere in between this one and the red one would be perfect, but since i have a lot of hair now it's fine.

The cookies are soooooooooo gooooooood. I want to eat them all so there's no more left so I can stop eating them and growing my love-handles. How's that for logic? They're easy too - I'll email you the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Emily...I don't think that's a gratuitous cat shot. I think it's perfect. Even the cat is licking its lips at the sight of those cookies...and your comment was great. Thanks for the laugh for today!!! Only another 8 days and I'll be a relatively normal sociable being again. Sorry!

Molly said...

I agree with Mag, Em - the Carla looks gorgeous! I am super impressed.
And now I want cookies too. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think I've almost had enough baklava for a while now...
xx M

Elsie said...

Please send the recipe :) If you say they are tasty they MUST be REALLY tasty :P

I love the Carla too - I actually took a while to realise you'd made it not bought it!!