Friday, 8 June 2007

thinking about trying...

these recipes:

Rhubarb, Ginger and Berry Smoothie

Curried Chicken Sandwich

Beef Penang Curry

Orange, Lychee and Ginger Dessert Soup

Chocolate Cake No. 1 (Passover Cake)

Chocolate Cake No. 2 (Idiot Cake)

I'm also thinking of trying to make saag/palak paneer (Indian spinach and cheese curry) since I love it so much. Both of these recipes look good and quite similar, so I might try to combine the two. It does worry me a bit that the first recipe seems to think the spinich is the 'paneer' and the cheese is the 'palak' though, since I'm pretty sure it's the other way around. I noticed the other week that you can buy home-made paneer from Maya on Market Street, which should significantly cut down the work. I tried to make it once from scratch and it was not a total success shall we say. The sticking point may be finding fenugreek leaves.

Palak Paneer No. 1 (Simon Bryant)

Palak Paneer No. 2 (random Indian food blog)

Last week, Mum and I made this dish in tandem. I made the herb/garlic rub from the last of our garden's winter herbs. I dried it in a very slow oven because I couldn't be bothered leaving it lying around for a few days (my cat is very nosy), and it smelled amazing. The whole house smelled wonderful. I think it was worth making just for the smell. Then mum rubbed it, along with some oil on some French bread, and wrapped it around a fillet of steak (I can't remember what kind), wrapped the whole thin in alfoil and then roasted it. After a couple of hours it was still very red in the middle, so she sliced it and quickly fried it to finish the cooking. I'm not sure if the herbiness made it taste that much better (I think I prefer a plain meaty taste), but boy was it tender. It may've just been a particularly good cut of meat, but I am definitely interested in cooking steak this way again.

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