Thursday, 14 June 2007


Is this not the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen?

I bought it in DJs - I often go there to get cash out, and my objective is only to buy something that will cost me less than the bank fees for using someone else's ATM (I am with a bank that has TWO ATMs within the CBD. TWO). This water cost me $3.50 for 330mls, which is 75% more than a regular 600mL normal brand. But at least my money didn't go to Mr. coke (I don't think).

And look! I'm getting 35x more oxygen for my money!!!

Actually, it's kind of a fun shaped bottle, and a good size to carry in my bag, and it bubbled way better than normal fizzy water - really big bubbles with fun sound effects (I bought the carbonated version, because I thought it represented *better* value for my too much money than the still...logic?).

But really? I guess it's hard to differentiate water, but does anyone actually buy this? (Metaphorically I mean, because there's obviously at least one sucker who literally bought it). Firstly, I'm not sure how you keep more oxygen in the water (bubbles?). And in any case, wouldn't you lungs be better at absorbing oxygen than your guts? And even if not, does that really class it as a health supplement? I mean, come on. But now I am wondering. Does it mean that the water is more alkaline, and would that mean it's better for my eroding teeth? Or is my chemistry funky? (It was never my strong point).

Also, DJs is stocking Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Between them and the water, I did not achieve my objective. Yum!


Margie said...

You could always go to woolies and buy some chewies for 50c or something. What bank are you with?!
I'm with a credit union who let you use any ATM at all because they have none of their own. I love it. Every time I use another bank's ATM I feel a little twinkle of glee that I'm getting it for free, sucked in sukaz!
So I get 15 free eftpos/withdrawls per month and no account keeping fees. Sweet.

I'd say the water is worth it for the cute bottle alone but the oxygen crap is crap.

m∃ said...

Yeah, that's what I thought about the water. I'm with the Bendigo Bank, which I'm quite happy with, because they're a bit more 'green' than other banks (they give cheaper loans for environmentally friendly houses, and do heaps of community stuff), and they have actual CUSTOMER SERVICE, like if you ring them, they ANSWER THE PHONE, so i'm ok with the fact that the atm situation is not so good.

Do woolies not have a minimum for eftpos withdrawals then?