Thursday, 21 June 2007

returning the favour.

One of my favourite people is, truth be told, a little eccentric. Kate, who I know from uni and school, moved to Sydney a couple of years ago, and we've been postcarding ever since. Of late the postcarding has dropped off a bit, but a month or so I got this random postpak filled with goodies, including a few beautiful sheets of paper, but no explanation whatsoever. I'm assuming it came from Kate, because she's the only person I know in Sydney, but also the only person I know who would go to the trouble of putting something like this together, but forget to include a note.

So with one of the sheets of paper, I'm making this pendant, which I'm going to send back with equally no explanation. It's going to be hil-A-rious. (Providing of course, that Kate hasn't forgotten she sent me the paper, and hasn't found this blog). It still needs a bit more varnish though and a ribbon/chain/wire...

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