Friday, 15 June 2007



I've finally finished the tenor clef brooch that I've been working on for over 6 months!

I think I'm going to call it the pho-brooch, because, like the soup, although it's way cheaper and not actually difficult to make, when you count the time it takes, and the fact that you can't get any kind of economy of scale going, just buying one makes an awful lot more sense. (Not that you could in the same design though...). So it's lucky I (mostly) enjoyed the process. Doing this with a laser cutter and some sort of polishing mop would take about 5 minutes, where this took me hours.

First I cut it from a piece of acryllic with a jeweller's saw. I was in a cranky mood, so I was a bit slap-dash with it, and ended up chasing my mistakes when I then filed, sanded and polished it, and glued a pin on. It's still a bit rock-n-roll - it's actually cracked at the weakest point which means I couldn't polish it as well as I would've liked in the corners. Still, it's close enough for jazz. I don't think you'd notice its 'organic-ness' unless you looked pretty closely. And although you can't see it here - I polished it purty shiny. In real life it's pretty much like grand piano black.


Margie said...

which bit is the brooch on? the vertically bit?
well done!

m∃ said...

Yeah, the wide vertical bit. I discovered araldite!

Molly said...

Well, let me just say that the brooch is way, way more shiny shiny and gorgeous looking in real life than in the photo. Very impressive job, Em!
Btw, hope you made it home from dinner without turning into an icy pole!

Molly said...

*edit* Not that it doesn't look gorgeous in the photo!!! But it doesn't really show how shiny shiny it is. And being a soprano, I like my shiny :-D