Monday, 18 June 2007


What started its life as yet another Carla, accidentally turned into a mobius strip somewhere along the away. Oops!

A frogging we will go,
a frogging we will go,
Hi-ho the derry-o,
a frogging we will go.


Margie said...

Oh dear!
At least you didn't get too far into it. How many rows in did you join? You might be able to save the cast-on?

You're loving the carlas aren't you.

m∃ said...

I'd done about 10 rows when I frogged it, all of which were joined except the first. I probably could've saved the cast on, but I'm not so good at un-knitting, so I figured it was just quicker to start the whole thing again. I'm up to the middle plain rows section now.

Yeah, I probably wouldn't've made another so quickly, but this was a request from my Nanna.

Actually the whole thing's been a bit of a saga because I had to post it to myself to get some done in Melbourne since you can't fly with knitting needles and I never take enough to check it.