Tuesday, 26 June 2007

dead. The culprit: chocolate.

Yet another Carla - this one on request from my Nanna. It's the lincraft wool again, this time in a rich French navy (slightly darker than the photo). I really like this one - I like it better than the mustard one, and I wish I could keep it. Funnily enough, I knat it on the correct (smaller size) needles, and it came out bigger than the mustard one!

I also made David Lebovitz' Chocolate Idiot Cake: it surely must be idiot proof because it turned out very well for me! It was sweeeeeet - literally; possibly the richest chocolate cake I've eaten, which is why the portions shown here are so stingy. When you're piling on the cream to 'water down' the dessert, you know it's pretty lush - well that and the 3 blocks of Lindt 70% it took. (Yes, I broke the organic/fair trade chocolate only rule already. I am apparently well intentioned but still a bad bad capitalist in practice). This 'cake' is halfway between a rich ganache, and a chocolate pudding - just solid enough to keep its shape. Next time, I'll try lining the tin with baking paper - the recipe doesn't say to, but I ended up leaving it on the bottom of the springform tin, because I just couldn't see any way of sliding the whole cake off without it crumbling into a big muddy mess. So chocolatey, so good! (And gluten free!).

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Margie said...

cake sounds good. i read the recipe and it's basically a baked mousse isn't it!
next time i see lindt 70% on special i'll stock up and make it i think.
darn it all it was only $2 at the local foodland the other week.