Wednesday, 28 February 2007


As I mentioned, this headscarf I knitted started off way too big. In an attempt to shrink it, I stuck it in the wash, and then in the dryer.... it shrunk a bit. Not nearly as much as I wanted, but enough to make it wearable. It's still a bit huge for my taste, and you can see it's still a bit gapey at the top/back, and there's a lot of crossover where the ends should just join, but then the pattern does suggest it's designed to be worn as a hat in the cold weather when you don't want hat hair, and I guess it will work quite well for that. I suspect it will be too hot for Womad though. I love the grey fabric covered button I found in my Auntie Stell's button box!

This week's handy hint: if you're trying to take a picture of the back of your head, it is better to hold your arm out to the side, visually judge if you are aiming well, and then turn your head, than to try to hold the camera behind you. I'm not saying how long how long it took me to figure this out. That would be embarassing.


Margie said...


You can do a smaller version with your next two balls?

m∃ said...

I can't decide whether to make another headband, or to save the wool for scarves.

You saw the pattern - how would I make it smaller? Just by making the short rows shorter faster (turning around sooner)?

Margie said...

nah you would have to make the rows shorter overall. and do less rows. so i'd do maybe 10% less stitches per row and take out the middle 10 rows or something.
and perhaps use smaller needles?