Monday, 5 February 2007

listening to grrrzzzzzzz grrzzzzz grrrzzzzzzzz.

Today when I got into work, I found heaps of white stuff all over the floor. And my desk, and my computer. It turns out that over the weekend, some builders have changed our regular fluoros for energy efficient ones. And left a big old mess. The new light is making the room look all weird - although I must say that the blue-ish glow matches quite nicely with our reject furniture, especially the counter left by the last occupants. The other charming accompaniment to my new fluros is the sound effects from the installation in all the other offices. Right now, someone's drilling through the floor right above my head, and it sounds (and feels) just like a supercharged dentist's drill. I guess I really should be happy about any move towards environmental friendliness, but it's just so bloody frustrating trying to work. Especially since this weird blue light is going to severly inhibit my heroin habit. Which I really need right now to take the edge off all this annoying noise. Darn.

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