Thursday, 22 February 2007

honestly? A bit ooky. I think I have a funny tummy...

Not much is happening here today. The maintenance stuff on my floor seems to have halted, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your perspective. There's not so much banging and crashing happening, or stinky painting, or coin-slots littering the hall way. This is the good part. The bad part is that everything's been left incomplete. There's still chunky white dust all over the floor, which is a bit of a worry for three reasons: 1. the builders are clearly not taking much pride in their work, and they're still a long way from finished; 2. the cleaners do not consider vacuuming within their sphere of responsibility; and last but not least, 3. my building is full of asbestos. If I develop respiratory problems in a few years, y'all will know why.

They've also replaced my office door. They decided to paint it after they installed it, but again, it's incomplete, so at the moment it's got undercoat and spackle all over it. It's also got a big hole in it, where the vent (to let the noise in when they start banging again I imagine) will presumably go once they've finished painting. The problem with this is that you can actually reach through from the outside and open the door, even if it's locked. Excellent!

The other problem with this door is that it's a glass filled admin office door. I am not admin. I do not like it when snotty teenagers come and demand their graded essays back. I guess the builders looked in, saw my beloved counter, and decided I was an office lady. That I would love an admin door, to reinforce the idea that anyone wandering by with a question should ask me. That I would tell them where to go. Even though there are now no numbers or names on the doors of my floor. After a few walk-ins today, I'm thinking of telling them exactly where to go. Answers on the back of a postcard.

(Actually, I don't mind helping the multitude of people who come knocking on my door. I mind how rude 95% of them are about it).

Yesterday I went to the Yarn Barn and bought my beautiful Filatura di Crosa wool for my headband. Between comfort shopping, genuinely being indecisive, and not wanting to make a return trip anytime soon, I walked away with three different balls. I restrained myself from the fourth ball in the bargain bin. It's ok. I will use them up. Eventually. I bought the red and the brown that I was considering, and I also bought a beautiful magenta colour. My favourite. Although the internet tells me that there's a maroon colour out there. My favourite favourite. I'll get you one day, my pretty, one day! I'm quite excited about starting the project - I haven't knitted anything for a while, and I haven't had anything new to wear for a while. Two birds with one stone. Excitement city!


Molly said...

*mwah* Hi miss Em. Imagine how much fun I had when they cut an entire new door-way in the office wall right next to my desk. Not very work friendly, that's for sure.
And I totally understand the annoyance of being mistaken for admin. I am at the front of the office and people always assume I'm a PA. It annoys me perhaps more than it should.

Heidi said...

But ladies you would both make such attractive, sexy, saucy, sassy admin personnel! He he... No, I am not kidding. Love you both!!!