Friday, 2 February 2007

in the kitchen.

Today I made these lemon biscuits. Although actually, these are lime biscuits, because I used the zest and juice of two limes rather than one lemon. I don't actually remember why it had to be lemon biscuits that I made, and not just a tried and true butter cookie recipe, but lemon biscuits it was, and this recipe worked well. I was just so excited to use my new teapot shaped cookie cutter!

I got a wee bit excited about icing them, as you can see. They would've been even more lary if I'd been able to find other colours in either my cupboard and the supermarket. But I learned a couple of valuable lessons. A little food colouring goes a long way, and orange essence is not the same as orange colouring. I learned that one when I tasted the very pale orange icing I'd made with half a bottle of the essence. My tongue felt like it was burning with the fire of a thousand suns. Won't make that mistake again!

I also made this today. It's chickpea chaat from the Traveller's Lunchbox. Recipe (and better picture) to be found here. It's basically spiced chickpeas with salad-y type ingredients - cucumber, spring onions, banana, pomegranite. I made it once before but it was during the banana winter, funnily enough a time when pomegranites were also thin on the ground. So I left out the banana and substituted ruby grapefruit. And, it kinda didn't work. It turns out, though, that when you follow the recipe, it's great! Although I'd have to say, I'm not sure the pomegranite seeds add anything but colour. Still, a great side dish for an Indian feast. Maybe even with the pistachio icecream!

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