Friday, 23 February 2007


Today has been a funny old day. The bad bit is that I have a mega headache (although the cocktail of codeine, asprin and coca-cola seems to be slowly working its magic), but the good bits are these:

Ispent my last $13 on beads today. There's got to be a country song in that somewhere. I thought I would be tricky and make a necklace by stringing these teardrop shaped beads alternately up and down, and then put a crimp at each end to stop them moving. But it seems physics is not my strong point, and it didn't quite work as well in reality as in my imagination (that's a bit of a metahor for my life at the moment). So I lost the crimps and let them just do their thing. It turned out ok - they mostly point downwards, with some sitting more to the back and some sitting more to the front, with the odd one doing it's own thing and sticking out in a totally different direction. I think I will call them my Elaine-dance beads. In any case it's crazy colourful enough for diorganised beads to work. Excuse the non-matching cardie. I'm trying to break the internet with too many lary colours at once. Also, you can't see it here, but I've discovered that if you put crimp then little bead little bead little bead crimp next to the clasp, you can thread the little bit of excess wire in under the beads and then it's not scratchy. Jeez, didn't take me long enough to figure that out! I should probably go and fix all my other homemade necklaces,, I can't be bothered.

Also, here's a picture of the three balls of wool I bought on Wednesday:
the red colour isn't quite true to life (it's not so orange) but the others are quite good. You can see I like my magenta! I've cast on and knat the first row: waiting on instructions from my knitting guru as to how to proceed from there.

The other good thing that happened today is that my French teacher told me that I've covered in my 3 lessons what would normally take 10 weeks in class to do. And I thought we were still going a bit slow! This is good news because a. yay! and b. it probably means I'm getting my money's worth in a roundabout way, because a 10 week course probably costs more than 3 private lessons. I still doubt I'll be fluent enough for Geneva, but it's gee it is nice to be powering through it and using my brain again!

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