Friday, 16 February 2007


And for my next trick...!

I'm thinking about knitting this headband for my next project. Maybe tomorrow I will go and buy some yarn: I found this beautiful wool on the Yarn Barn's website, which is conveniently what the pattern specifies! I'm not sure if I will get this colour, or more of a brown, but I'll go and see what my options are. Maybe brown will be too much with my brown hair? Hopefully I'll have it done quickly, and then I can wear it to Womad and be kewl with all the hippie kids!

I'm also thinking about trying this curried cauliflower recipe. It has a lot of vegetables, and lots of lovely spices, which is the way I like 'em.

I'd also like to start making some more jewellery, but I'm not sure how I'll proceed with that. I guess it will depend on whether I end up doing more classes or not.

This afternoon I'm going to my second French lesson. Bon courage Emily, bon chance!

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Anonymous said...

Nice choice of project and I recommend the redder colour - as we know that reddy/maroon colours look good on our Emily! So, you're heading to WomAdelaide? Hmmm. That makes many many people who are going...