Thursday, 15 February 2007

good, for three reasons.

1. There are Toobs in the vending machine downstairs now! I knew they'd brought them back, but vending machines? Excellent!

2. It seems the vegetarian place Mum and I went unsuccessfully looking for on Leigh St the other day hasn't opened yet. Which would explain it. But on the 19th it's going to be Sarah's Cafe @ Where Inn, a relative of Sarah's Cafe at Semaphore, which apparently has some of the best vegetarian food in SA. They're also focusing on local produce, and having live music every day of the week. Excellent!

3. I love Top Gear. And I really don't know why, because I'm not very interested in cars at all. But actually this video goes some way to explaining it. It's somewhat childish, but completely hilarious. Excellent!

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