Thursday, 1 February 2007


Oh man. Today I went to Fast Life Organic down Rundle St to get a takeaway veggie burger on wholewheat... and it wasn't there! Well, sort of. It's now called Fast Eats and it's all rebadged with pacman. The lady in the shop said it's the same owners taking a new direction with it, and some of the menu will change. My beautiful favourite yummy yummy veggie burger is still available, but it's a bit different. The pattie (the best bit) is still the same, but there's hommous instead of tomato salsa and the mayo seems suspiciously more like mayo than homemade aioli (but maybe that's just my imagination). Also it now has capsicum (blergh!) and a large amount of iceberg and some cheese that I just don't remember being there before. It's still good, but sadly not as amazing as before, and given that it's not organic anymore (I presume, although this doesn't actually bother me in itself) the $8.50 price tag seems a little steep. Poop. Poop poop poop. I wonder if they'd give me the recipe for the original...

On the upside, today on my way to work, I saw at least 30 sulphur crested cockatoos in one of the trees by the river. Kewl.

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Molly said...

Oh I HATE it when that happens! I feel your pain, Em. I remember when Cafe Paradiso brought out a new menu withOUT their Pasta al Forno. So tragic. Better get to Veggos and have something tasty before they start doing beef burgers on you. xx M