Wednesday, 31 January 2007


Dear Evolution (or Intelligent Designer) I will trade you 10% HIV resistance and a justifiable dislike for bitter greens for some friggin' melanin.

Un. Be. Lievable. I got sunburned yesterday. That in itself is not totally surprising given my lily white European skin. But yesterday I applied 30+ sunscreen not once, not twice, but THREE times (once for each time I went outside), and on my walk home carried a parasol the whole way. Admittedly I am not very burnt. Just enough for marked tan lines suggesting that I won't be wearing a strapless top again until mid-winter. But this is just not cricket.

In other news: I came across this interesting article which suggests that when you 'sleep on it' you make better choices than when you conciously deliberate something. I knew there was a good reason for all that procrastination!

Also, I had lunch with Drift yesterday at Thea. God how I love that place. One day I will write a post all about it, but at this point I suspect that it's not news for 90% of my readership. Anyway, Drift is back from Norway, and she bought me some goodies! She brought some Ivar Andresen salt licorice (much nicer than the salt-sild - almost smoky in flavour) and some O.P. Anderson 'Aquavit' 40% liquor. I'll let you know how that one goes. We do like presents! =)


Margie said...

So frustrating, to be back in adelaide, and yet still not have access to Thea. Sigh.

m∃ said...

No worries Mag! They're open til 7 or 8 on friday nights now! You could go after work and make it! (If you want the curry rice, remember to preorder though).

Anonymous said...

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