Thursday, 11 January 2007

starting a blog.

Argh. When I began I didn't realise how empty this would look. Populate or die.


Why a blog?

1. To inspire me to do interesting things, or at least have interesting thoughts. I am quite lazy, but hopefully this blog will inspire me to write, and that will encourage me to make sure I have good things to write about. And learn how to take good photos of said good things.

2. As a record for myself of what I've been doing. I've never been much of a diarist, or photographer, but I often look back and wish I had something to jog my memory...

3. To keep in touch with friends near and far. Many of my friends have moved overseas and interstate lately, and I enjoy reading what they're up to. One of my resolutions for 2007 is to use my passport and this way I can join in the fun. I was going to hold off until I had actual solid plans for moving somewhere interesting, but then I thought, why wait?


1 comment:

sam said...

the blog is good: funny w/o trying. sometimes in life you should do unpleasant things just to be able to tell the interesting stories.