Tuesday, 23 January 2007

making rules.

ive been reading over my older posts and have come to the thinking that my grammar and punctuation its not quite as perfect as I'd like to think it is. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that no teacher ever taught me grammar or punctuation in a conscious way. they the schools board decided it wasnt important in 1988 and then decided it was again in 1994 which is a bit embarassing for me when someone refers to the third-person singular verb and i dont know what that are. Somehow though whenever I do notice a fault with anyone else's writing especially if its in a public place it drives me extremely mad.

So. The first rule of emilyisnow is that you do not talk about emilyisnow no-one is allowed to negatively comment on my grammar or punctuation. ill do my best but this is my blog and therefore it utilises my grammar and therefore my grammar in the context of this blog is 100% correct so actually you're not even allowed to think its wrong because its not.

Its my blog and ill commasplice if i want to, this is a Panda Free Zone.

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