Monday, 29 January 2007


Well, I only made it to about 150-200 cranes (I didn't count) but the party was good, and my cousin got engaged that night too. The cranes must've been lucky after all!

On my visit to Ikea on the weekend I found the Daim chocolate bar I mentioned in my post about Norwegian sweets! On this basis, I think perhaps that Daim is actually Swedish, but either way, now that it's available here I feel obliged to say that it was actually my favourite of the goodies that Al sent me. My sweet tooth (I call her Felicity) is super excited. I will have to go to Ikea again and stock up soon. Nhan says that it comes in some kind of cake form as well. I can't wait!

And, in other news, The Trixie Update's back! Woohoo! It's a good day!

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