Thursday, 1 March 2007

pulling a face.

I am not a grapefruit person. You know how lots of people have a grapefruit for breakfast, and insist that it's the ONLY way to start the day? Well, I've tried before and failed, but then someone told me you have to sprinkle them with sugar the night before so it all soaks up by morning. So a little while ago I bought a lovely big ripe ruby red grapefruit from the markets, took it home, duly sprinkled it with sugar, but the next morning when I tried to eat it, it was still sour. And bitter. And hard to eat with a teaspoon - I pretty much just ended up with spoonfuls of juice. And so I conclude: I am categorically not a grapefruit person. I'm just glad I'm not Italian - those guys love bitter sour things.


Margie said...

Anything you need to soak in sugar overnight I think you should just rule out in the first place.
Some things ya just know ya just don't like.
Like brussels sprouts. No matter how many people tell me they love them, I just know, I just don't.

Plus grapefruit interferes with the pill. Not so great tasting AND not so great for that either.

m∃ said...

Really? Who knew?

I think I just don't like bitter things ever full stop. So brussels sprouts fall into that category too. It's ok. More for everyone else!

Anonymous said...

You philistines! What's with the anti-bitter diatribes? Well, more for people with me. ;o)

m∃ said...

Actually, I think you'll find it's WE that have the tastebuds! Often a dislike for bitter things indicates a higher than average amount of certain tastebuds. See here: