Thursday, 29 March 2007

inching slowly off this mortal coil.

It's a bit of a worry when you watch Play School and recognise one of the presenters as someone you used to watch on Neighbours - not the other way around. (Incidentally, is a stint on Neighbours a sign that your career is going somewhere, or that it's already been somewhere and stopped?)

Did I mention that in a couple of weeks there'll be a whole new age bracket box to tick? I was hoping that by this point I'd be able to tick at least one corresponding 'grown up' box: successful career perhaps, married, useful qualification, living like an adult, not watching Play School anymore. Hey, even owning something more significant than a lava lamp would be a start. Well, at least I've got good super.

30 is the new 20.
30 is the new 20.
30 is the new 20

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Molly said...

I'm with you Em. I'm not so sure about the 30 is the new 20, but 40 is apparently the new 30, so i guess it stands to reason. I kind of liked the 20 I already had though...