Tuesday, 27 March 2007

out of the loop.

I had quite a full weekend! On Saturday I went collecting for the Red Cross, went to Kathy's farewell (she's moving to Germany for any that know her and haven't heard) and caught up with my schoolfriends.

On Friday night I went to see the Marmalade Circus play at the Queens Arms. I must've seen the Marmies 10 or 15 times, starting probably not that long after they were formed in 1997. They're a great local little (big?) jazz band that play quirky oft-latin-influenced originals. My 18th birthday (some of you may remember) was spent listening to them play at the now-replaced-with-a-hole Fox and Hounds on North Tce. I have their first two cds. But as it turns out, all of those 10 or 15 times must've all been before about 2004, because at this gig, out of 2 hours of playing, I knew only 2 songs. Since I last paid attention, they've put out another cd and two eps, put together a new website, and the format has changed totally, from being a small bunch of the cream of the Adelaide Jazz scene circa 2000 (many of whom have now moved interstate or overseas), to a much larger group with a few of the originals, but mainly made up of the best young musicians Adelaide has. Wow.

I had really better get with the program.

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