Friday, 23 March 2007

feeling a bit bearish today.

Did anyone else know there was such a thing as the Fringe Benefits Tax year running from the 1st of April to the 31st of March?


(This has really messed up my laptop plans.)


Margie said...

i have heard of fringe benefits tax before but i didn't think it affected real people. how does it affect you?!

m∃ said...

It means I can only salary package one laptop per year, before I have to pay fringe benefit tax. Which was fine until I realised it was out of sync with the financial calendar. Grrr.

Molly said...

Grr indeed. So, are you buying more than one laptop per year? I want a lappy, but I don't even have a land line at home, so I don't know about organising internet, which is what I would want it for.

m∃ said...

It's complicated. I was thinking about getting one for Tom because it's almost 50% cheaper, and also it was nice having the financial year deadline so I couldn't keep putting off getting my own. But it turns out Tom can salary package his own laptop, and I still should get mine by the end of the financial year for tax reasons. So I guess it hasn't really changed that much - I just freaked out a bit when I first realised.