Tuesday, 6 March 2007


It's weird. I don't really like babies very much. I'm certainly not in the market for one. Yet I can't seem to stop myself from reading parenting blogs. Maybe it's just that babies provide amusing subject matter - lots of poos and wees, and we all know how funny they can be. Or maybe it's that when you're far enough away that you can't actually smell the poos and wees they're kinda cute. Or maybe it's just that stay at home parents have more time to dedicate to perfecting their entries. Or maybe it's that we can all relate to being a little kid. I don't know. A couple of my favourite are already in the links section (Dooce, jmadigan.net, Laid Off Dad, The Trixie Update), but here are a few others that I love, in case you're crazy like me.

Sweet Juniper
Breed 'Em And Weep
Suburban Bliss

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Margie said...

I find em interesting too. Although more in a scientific sense maybe. Oh, so THAT's what happens? RigHT!

It's something that you and I have absolutely no experience of whatsoever. Which makes it very interesting. Well maybe you do having younger siblings but I don't.