Thursday, 15 March 2007

the fire chief!

I'm going to be the floor's sucker fire warden! I wonder if that means I get a silly hat?

Last night I made Guo Yue's zucchini and tomato dish that I saw at Womad. Apparently this is the kind of thing that real Chinese people eat (as opposed to restaurant food), which I was surprised about, because I never thought of tomato or zucchini as very Chinese. It turned out pretty tasty, but then I did (accidentally) use a $35 bottle of wine. Whoops! I think I'll be making it again because it was really simple and quick and easy and tasty and didn't require many ingredients. Here it is:

Fry beaten eggs (approx 1 per person) mixed with finely sliced spring onion in a hot wok til cooked/nearly cooked. Add sliced tomatoes and zucchini in equal quantities and season with salt and sugar. Add some white wine (or rice wine vinegar I suppose?) and light soy sauce and a little sesame oil until it tastes good. When cooked, serve with white rice.

Also: here's a link to my newest addition to the 'want' list. Fibre Red had a stall at Womad and sell the most beautiful woolen garments. I'm saving my pennies now for my next trip to Melbourne and the St Kilda Markets. I think I want a red or green skirt, and/or a vest and/or a shawl. It's very expensive though, so I think it's going to have to be 'or'.


Molly said...
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Molly said...

Fibre Red are on my want list too Em! They have some of the most gorgeous clothes and accesories. I own a headband of theirs that I love. At the time I really wanted glovelets and a shawl, but I couldn't quite afford them...