Monday, 28 May 2007

getting larger.

I forgot to mention, Elsie sent me a box of Frangos for my birthday. They're a local (like Fruchocs here) peppermint flavoured chocolate (as opposed to a mint filled one), and absolutely delicious. Visitors to Chicago take note. They're quite little but you get stacks in one box, and I powered through them like nobody's business. There are two left that I'm saving for Tom to try, and they're taunting me like you wouldn't believe. 'Just EAT us Emily, Tom will never know...'. Well now he will, because I put it on the internet. HA to you little voice in the back of my head.

On the upside, I wore my new dress yesterday and it is so comfy. And because it's a wrap one-size-fits-all, I can eat as much chocolate as I want. Goodbye 'no eating rubbish unless there is a good reason for it' diet. (Gee, that lasted a long time, hey).

Carousel is slowly killing me with its irritatingly catchy tunes that won't get out of my head when I get out of the pit. I am getting a lot of knitting done though - my new Carla is very much underway.

I went looking for sweet bean curd at the markets, and went through three Asian grocers before I got anywhere. Here's how it went:

Me: "Do you have any sweet bean curd?".
Shopkeeper: "What?
"Sweet bean curd."
"What's that?"
"It's like silken tofu, but with sugar comes in plastic tubs in the fridge..."
"For eating?"

Which makes me wonder what kind of sweet bean curd they carry NOT for eating? What else would you do with it?

At the last one, I got to talk to the old shop owner, after the young shopkeeper had no idea what I was talking about and pointed me in his direction. He had one left, but then the lady at the counter wouldn't sell it to me. I'm not sure why. She said come back Friday. Guess where I'll be Friday?

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