Monday, 14 May 2007

making soup.

This weekend I started to make trifle, but ended up with Zuppa Inglese.

'But Signorina Emilie - Zuppa Inglese and trifle are the same thing, the two names are synonymous' I hear you say.

'Whatever' I say to you (with obligatory hand gestures). Unequivacably, what I made was Zuppa Inglese, not trifle. I can tell you this because although it tasted like trifle, the jelly didn't set, the custard was too runny, and I had to serve it with a ladle and soup spoons. It was truly 'English Soup'. You may say I made Pink Failure Trifle, but I know I made Rosa Zuppa Inglese for I am an exotic and worldly cook. (And no, I wasn't nipping at the cooking sherry...)

I also made some chai 'properly'. One of Tom's friends made some chai syrup to flavour tea with, by making a sugar syrup and then infusing it with spices. I couldn't be bothered waiting for that (Josh makes his own bread too - from scratch NO breadmaker - so clearly he has more patience than me), so I made it the real way, using this recipe. It took over half an hour, and I ended up with half a glass of thick tea, that unexplicably tasted salty and kinda gross. I wonder if the Italians have a romantic name for that?

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