Friday, 25 May 2007

thinking about stuff.

APPARENTLY you can buy sweet bean curd from the asian grocer - just like at Yum Cha. Woooo!

Crumpler's new catalogue is in the form of alphabet postcards. They have advertising on the back, but if you can be bothered sticking paper over it, they're totally wicked.

On the upside, the laptop salary-packaging FINALLY worked. On the downside, the health insurers apparently still want the head of my first born child.

I have a new French teacher. Her name is an exercise in diacritics.

In French: 'I brushed my teeth', comes out as 'I have myself brushed the tooths'. SO cute.

Yesterday the escalator was broken at DJ's, so I had to walk up it like stairs and I felt really unstable, like the escalator was actually moving backwards. Realising there's so much classical conditioning in life is a little bit scary.

Wants for the winter: mustard yellow and grey, wooly stockings, hats.

My friend Sarah is coming over from England on Sunday!

The word for 'mother' or 'mum' seems to be pretty similar in a lot of languages. I wonder if this is universal, and has anything to do with the first sounds babies are able to make? Maybe I should ask my friendly local speech-pathologist...

I'm on a new régime as of Tuesday: it's the 'no eating rubbish unless there is a good reason for it' diet. Not good reasons include: 'there are Tim-Tams in the cupboard', 'I'd better eat it before my brothers do' and 'healthy food will take 30 seconds longer'.

I am sad that Veronica Mars has been axed.

linked to this video the other day. It's the funniest thing I've seen for ages.

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