Wednesday, 23 May 2007

eating fruit gone wrong.

I completely forgot to mention that I finally tried Casa Del Gelato on Lygon St - purportedly Melbourne's best gelato. The range was certainly extensive, and a lot of the flavours were listed only in Italian, but all the shopgirls were Asian, which disconcerted me a bit. Maybe it's not reasonable in a globalised world, but I tend to judge regional cuisine by the number of locals in the place. Anyway though, they had lots of fancy pants flavours - these seem to be all the rage these days, so in addition to my order of chocolate and pear, I added durian!

I keep hearing people say of durian 'oh it smells AWFUL, but it tastes pretty good'. I've never tried it, and never been tempted enough to invest in a whole big fruit, so ice-cream seemed to be a good way to dip my toe in the water. As it turns out, the ice-cream version smells fine, but tastes absolutely foul. It was so foul in fact, that after I'd finished giggling at myself for ordering something so horrendous (and making everyone else have tastes of course) I toppled that layer straight off into the bin. I really don't understand how anyone could like it. Some flavours, I know are just a matter of preference (like liquorice), but it seems to me that anything that literally tastes rotten, would be universally disliked, as a result of evolution.

After I'd knocked the top layer off my cone, I found they'd forgotten the pear layer and I just had chocolate left. Luckily, Tom had gotten the pear too, so I got to try it and a few other flavours. They were all very good, but only comparable to other ice-creams I've tried - not above and beyond like I was hoping. Natura's still reigns supreme.

Update: Oh MY. I just found that two years ago Natura's had an ice-cream eating competition. Where on earth was I??? I totally would've cleaned up, and probably would've eaten my prize straight away too! My tummy would've been happy for a week!

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