Tuesday, 22 May 2007

back from the Melbuns.

In Melbourne I
  • Miss Saigon (very good, but the story made me cross).
  • 'My Cousin Vinny' (watchable, but I can't believe Marissa Tomei won an Oscar).
  • the Australian Impressionist exhibition at NGV (Huge. interesting and beautiful, but ultimately not my thing).
  • 2 identically dressed 10 year old identical twins, and one OCD mother.
  • A WHOLE SHOP of teapots.
ate/drank at:
  • The Richmond Hill Larder (part-owned by Stephanie Alexander, excellent potato soup with floaty melty blue brie bits, except I ordered tomato soup).
  • Somewhere Italian on Lygon St (very ordinary, but lots of freebies, including a surprisingly good red; a fun experience [not to be repeated] because of all the restauranteurs [literally] cornering you with deals to get you into their restaurant).
  • Cafe e Cucina (Tobie Puttock from Jamie Oliver 15 fame used to work here. We just had [spectacular!] hot chocolates, but I'm convinced it would be an excellent [if expensive] dinner choice. At 4pm on a Sunday it was full of Italians).
  • Canteen (lovely breakfast, if a bit nippy. Lukewarm coffee in a good way, and nice views).
  • Bar None (Old-Fashioned - my new favourite drink. Amused by the two stock-brokers we were obliged to sit with - unbelievably obnoxious and arrogant, but hilariously self-deprecating with severe foot-in-mouth syndrome).
  • Chinta Ria Soul (on Acland St. Great laksa!).
  • Thai Saffron (Riversdale Road, good cheap Pad Thai).
  • delayed at the airport on the way home due to a broken spring on the plane door
  • accidentally on the wrong tram once or twice...
nearly bought:
  • the same boots I ummed and aahed about last year, 50% off (still not quite right).
  • the most beautiful brown leather Camper mary-janes in the world (out of my size).
actually bought:
  • Spacecraft 9-way gray wrap dress, hand-printed with peppercorn tree pattern
  • Fibre Red green skirt (reduced becuase it's a [near perfect] second), and brick laceweight headband.
  • Nick the Rose clear resin necklace/pendant, with red thread scribbled inside.
  • Lord of the Fries (walked past at least 3 times, and restrained myself. Unbelievable).
  • Great Wall of China exhibition at the Museum.
  • The place up in the hills we tried to go to that was booked out (can't be more specific, sorry).
Today I had to turn down a $90/hour gig because I'd already agreed to a $10/hour one. How annoyment.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Very comprehensive list you have there. I can't believe you didn't get Lord of the Fries... excellent control. What is your $10/hour gig???

m∃ said...


And apparently the tickets are *not* going like hotcakes, so I might be lucky even to get that!