Monday, 7 May 2007

girly. But just briefly. Bear with me.

Not being a big makeup wearer, lipgloss is my bestest friend. I can feel like I'm wearing appropriately grownup makeup (25 bring it on!) without worrying that I've somehow got it wrong and look like a pork chop.

Therefore I like clear lipgloss the best (it goes with everything, and with minimum risk of pork-chop-age), which is shiny-shiny-shiny! (I am still a girl, after all).

So here are a couple to road test. I bought the Natio one (above) last week, and I'm not sure how I came about the Model Co. 'Glass' one (below). I suspect someone gave it to me (Margit?), or I got it as a freebie somewhere.

Both are very very shiny and glassy and liquid looking, without having sparkles. This to me is the most important factor. Tick! You could probably wear both over lipstick.

The Natio one actually tastes watermelon-y, although it does have that ubiquitous waxy flavour (I can't believe I just worked the word 'ubiquitous' into a post about lipgloss), and has an easy to use angled applicator. The Model Co. one only says it is watermelon flavoured - I can't taste anything other that wax, and the applicator is a little hole on a domed tip. You get a lipgloss worm like with cheese sticks in primary school. Both are equally slippery and slimy. But I guess if you want liquid-looking, there is a certain amount of liquid-feeling you just have to put up with.

The Natio one is $10 for 15mL, while the Model Co is $25 for a 5 x 8mL pack of various colours and 'flavours'. (I'm not sure if you can buy them separately, but I have only the one so I guess it's possible.) Therefore, if you want variety and quantity, the Glass is the better deal, but if you're not even going to make it through one tube in a hurry (like me), you're better off with the Natio. Although the Glass has the advantage of being that little bit smaller to fit in your purse. So small in fact, that it's lucky they give you five, because you'll probably lose them quick smart.

Basically, they're pretty much the same. The Natio one has the better taste and applicator, but the Model Co is pocket-sized and is arguably better value .



Margie said...

Yah I reckon I got that model co one as a sample with a magazine so it might not be full size?

My favourites are Rimmel Sweet Jelly (but that has glittery bits, so you might not like it. but it's only $10) and Clinique tinted superbalm. Although that also comes in clear, and it's SUPER SHINY and it has the added benefit of being an actual balm, so it actually makes your lips feel better! And it smells really good, it's an unusual smell for a lip gloss/balm, it's a nice smell but it's not really describable. It's $23 i think, for a 7 mL tube, but I am on my third tube because I love love love it so much and it's so SHINY!

I am always tempted to put a post up like these of yours with product reviews whenever I read yours. Maybe I will.
Pity my computer is kaput.

Margie said...

oh yearh, and i got a clear maybelline shinylicious from hairhouse wearhouse in the mall for $5 and that is very nice and clear and shiny but it smells a little plasticy. but i prefer the plastic smell to a bad fake fruit smell.
they are probably still on sale cause i only got mine last week. that one has a relaly nice applicator too. sort of a rigid sponge tip with a hole. hard to describe.

m∃ said...

So that's where it came from. Thanks!

I think the glass one actually is full size - unless there's something the website isn't telling me. I think they're little because you have to buy 5.

I'm glad you like my reviews - I thought I was probably boring everyone silly!

That clinique one sounds good! Does it taste waxy at all? They all do I suppose. $23 is kind of a lot...

Margie said...

no i don't think there is a waxy taste at all. it's really just a really moisturising gloss i think.
i dunno. i love it.
it has a sweet smell but i don't think it tastes.