Wednesday, 16 May 2007

being fed.

The other night my mum made this yummy yummy excellently good lamb tagine. She did it on the stove top and near the end added some chopped carrot and zucchini. It looked pretty easy, and made enough for dinner for 5, two nights in a row!

To go with it, I made some of my favourite Jamie Oliver spicy couscous. It went really well with the tagine I thought. My suggestions for this recipe would be: cut the onion and bash the spices first. Sherry vinegar works better than red wine if you can find it. Use instant couscous and just put the lid on it and turn the heat off for 2 mins after you've added the liquid. To save a pot, be dodgy and use stock cubes (Did I say that? La la la...) - crumble them over the couscous and add boiling water straight from the kettle. Use real butter not marg!

I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow for a fun-filled long weekend. Hurrah!

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