Friday, 27 April 2007


I made the laksa again last night, and implimented all the suggested amendements from here. It turned out great and the adjustments (and the mini moulinex food processor) made it much easier! This time I ended up with way too much soup for 6, but I guess that's ok - leftovers are always welcome! Following the recipe but doubling the soup bit created exactly six big restaurant-sized bowls. But of course, restaurant sized laksa is always way too much to get through. When you've paid $7 for a bowl, having too much to eat feels like good value, but when it happens at home it feels like wastage. Next time I will make more of an effort to dish up normal sized portions of soup and then more veggies can be cooked later if people want seconds or leftovers.

Also, my laptop has arrived! Hurrah! Now I just have to get them to adjust the invoice to actually show that what I bought is a laptop, not a random apple code, so that the salary packaging people accept will it. Ah, bureaucracy.

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Molly said...

Oh EM! Now I want LAKSA! Actually, I wanted Laksa last night when I read your post, but as it happens i still want it now. Arm. Spicy, coconut-y, noodle soup-y goodness :o)