Monday, 2 April 2007

running down.

A short history of my weekend:

Friday night:
  • played a gig (money!)
  • tried the new Sarah's on Leigh St (disappointing - more later)
  • went to big book sale (it was so full they made us line up around the block, and we were on time! At lest they didn't card us...)
  • went to Mela Indian festival (ate some yummy food [and NATURA's], bought a scarf for $5, saw a cooking demo, ate some sweets)
Saturday night:
  • went to cousine's engagment party, saw the 2nd worst karaoke ever (but good on them for having a red hot go); did not participate in said bad karaoke (that would've made it the worst). Reminded of funny anecdote to tell another day.
  • read book
  • studied French
  • ate a Big Mac (oops)
  • did some washing (replaced fabric softener with vinegar and essential oil [better for environment]. No appreciable difference in cleaning power, neither smells like vinegar nor essential oil).
  • made Traveller's Lunchbox watermelon salad (yum!)
  • watched hilarious doco on Star Trek fans "Trekkies"
  • read more book

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