Monday, 3 March 2008

feeling much better, thankyou.

Macaron-A-Day #7: Cafe

There's been a little break in proceedings because I got sick and couldn't taste anything.

This coffee macaron was quite nice but sweet and 'instant-coffee' flavoured rather than a really rich deep coffee-bean flavour.

I'm one of those people who thinks that coffee smells better than it tastes, and I think this macaron unfortunately replicated that.

Since this is a rather unsatisfactory review, I'll take the opportunity to mention that a French macaron is a completely different pastry than an English macaroon after all, which sort of explains why they're not the same...

For those in the rainy city, apparently you can get proper French-style macarons at La Tropezienne in Hawthorn, and Baker D Chirico in St Kilda. But I won't be able to compare until I get home I'm afraid


Elsie said...

Ooh that coffee looks very tasty :)
Hey, you know a funny thing happened in the supermarket the other day. You know how we were talking about Andrew getting cold feet when he is out on site in freezing weather, and you said they should make special foot warmer things to put in your shoe? Well, they do!! They're like inner soles and they use some chemical reaction and apparently stay warm for 5 hours. I wanted to buy a pair but Andrew said no :(

m∃ said...

Really? He wouldn't let you buy them? But he's the one with cold feet. You know I don't think I would've listened - I would've bought them anyway. But then I DON'T LIKE HAVING COLD FEET.