Thursday, 28 February 2008

really in need of a trusted second opinion.

I forgot to mention the other jeans story from Monday. I'm feeling decidedly frumpy here in my loose bootleg jeans, so I went into the Levi's shop to search out some trendier ones. I had an interesting conversation with the sales guy:

Sales Guy: Bonjour....blah blah blah*, blah blah blah blah blah blah?
Emily: Pardon?
SG: Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah?
E: Pardon?
SG: I can speak in English if you'd prefer?
E: Oh! Yes please!
SG: Did you realise those jeans you're holding are skinny leg jeans?
E: Um....yes....
SG: Oh.....ok.....
E: Well, since I've got you. I'm not sure what size I am. The sizes are different in Australia. Perhaps you can help me.
SG: You want to try these jeans on?
E: Yes please.
SG: Ok... I think this is your size. We also have that colour in bootleg. Would you like to try those too?
E: Um....ok....

I'm not sure if he was just trying to be helpful since I was actually wearing my bootleg jeans that day, or if he was implying I probably shouldn't be trying on skinny jeans.

Anyway, the skinny jeans (which weren't terribly skinny, but just kind of straight tending towards skinny) looked surprisingly ok. But after that, and the fact that Levi's are apparently FREAKING EXPENSIVE in Europe, I didn't buy them. But I'm still thinking about it.

* 'blablablah' is actually in the French dictionary. Really it IS. It apparently means 'claptrap'. I'm using it in a more general English sense however...

Today was nothing special, but I had a bit of a silly afternoon. I tried to go to the giant supermarket that I'm told is right next to my tram stop, because I needed bread and vitamin C. But in true Emily style I got lost along the way. Which I'm sort of used to, and I would've figured it out, but a very kind old man stopped to ask if I needed help. So I showed him the tram stop on the map and told him I wanted to go there. He walked me all the way to the there (and said my French was very good!), and as the tram was just pulling up when we arrived he told me to run for it. Not wanting to be rude, since I hadn't explained that I wanted to go to the supermarket, I aborted the giant supermarket mission.

I went to the supermarket next to the tram stop ('Hyper Casino' - different than the supermarket next to the bus stop) and bought a few things (and didn't buy a few things that I could've, like Oreos and those lovely Destrooper almond thins that are so hard to find at home). I ended up at the checkout with some mandarins. The checkout chick asked me a question, and I mumbled a bewildered 'je ne sais pas' at her, since I had no idea what she was talking about. She gave my mandarins to the man behind me in the line who wandered off with them! It turns out you're supposed to weigh your fruit in the fruit section and print yourself a barcode with the price. w.e.i.r.d. Oopsies!

Just watched more 'Oui-Oui' and now I know the word for bagpipes. What a useful program! Also, in French, Noddy sings. SINGS!


Lauren said...

Hehe, yes. Henry and I once stood in a ridiculously long line at Ed - for a good twenty minutes, it must have been - only to discover that we should have weighed our bananas. Thankfully, the nice checkout lady let us cut the queue once we'd obtained the required documentation. Weird indeed.

Molly said...

Em, I think that in all probability he just suggested the bootlegs because you were wearing bootlegs. Honestly. And possibly also because he works on commission and wants you to purchase jeans and the probability of that happening only increases if you try on more different styles. I'd say that if you're feeling up for it, go the skinny leg! Especially if everyone else is wearing them with gay abandon. I own one pair, but I only ever wear them under dresses in winter...