Thursday, 21 February 2008

growing sideways.

Macaron-A-Day #1: Framboise

Canale-A-Day would rhyme better, but there's only one kind so it would be a short series.

This one was raspberry flavoured (I think...if it turns out it was strawberry I'm going to feel silly).

It was good.

I really can't describe the consistency properly. Crunchy like meringue but not so dry, dry like a biscuit but not so hard, soft like a cake but not so crumbly. The icing in the middle is nice too - not too solid but not too runny. Not too saccharine sweet, but nice and vanilla-y, even if it's not vanilla flavour.

This didn't taste like real raspberry, but neither did it taste like fake raspberry flavour. When I was little I had a little strawberry shortcake doll which had a sweet strawberry scent. The taste of this macaroon reminded me of that.


alt.ayu said...

oooh! macaron macaron!! I kinda miss them because we find some here but they just aren't as good~ :S

Molly said...

ooh! that looks lovely! i had a strawberry shortcake doll too, so i am imagining how the smell of it would have tasted and envying your pretty macaron.
we went to brunetti on the weekend because all this macaron talk made me crave tiny sweets & cakes & pastry things, and sadly the brunetti fare just didn't satisfy. le sigh.

m∃ said...

Yeah, I always wanted to like Brunetti more than I actually did. And the French pastry shop near my house in Adelaide, Muratti. The sweets here are much better - much sweeter and less restrained than the 'French' sweets at home.