Monday, 25 February 2008

in Turkey...

Macaron-A-Day # 3: Rose

Ok, no not really, I'm still in France.

But this little macaron made me think it for a moment.

Flavoured with rosewater, without being overpowering; I wish I'd had a peppermint tea chaser.

Anyone who drops by is welcome to demande that particular combination - I'll be happy to oblige since I'll enjoy sharing the feast.

(PS. perhaps the way it's cracked in the picture will give you an indication of the texture. Light and crispy on the outside, soft and almost gooey on the inside.)


Molly said...

GORgeous! I love the soft focus roses in the background :o)
So, are these bautiful looking mosels from the same pastis... patis... bakery?

m∃ said...

Yeah, they're all from a shop called Baillardran (you can google it) which only sells two things: caneles (1 kind) and macarons (10-15 flavours). They're completely everywhere here - reminds me of Cibo at home. When I've tried all the Baillardran flavours I'll hunt around and see if I can find other macaron shops. I haven't seen many but I did see one little artisan shop the other day so they must be dotted around.

Glad you like the rose picture. I must've looked like a madwoman photographing a macaron in front of a shop window and then running away.Now that I've started this photographing them with the real thing, it's getting harder and harder, becuase I'm going through the obvious flavours first...might have to get creative!