Wednesday, 12 March 2008

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Maracon-A-Day #11: Chocolat Fruit de la Passion

Let me start by suggesting that perhaps France in winter is not the place to buy passionfruit? Wouldn't it have been pretty if I could've found a passionfruit flower though!

This photo also illustrates that these macarons, they do not travel well.

This macaron was a little different from the others because it was passionfruit flavoured, but had chocolate icing. I would say it reminded me most of chocolate fondue - the fruit flavoured biscuit gave it a lovely passionfruit fragranced tang and crunch, but the icing dominated and the overall sensation was that of smooth creamy chocolate. Tas-ty.

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alt.ayu said...

YUM!!! macarons!~~~ Je les veux!!! Thanks for your Macarons-a-day! I love them!

BTW you're tagged! Do visit to find out more!