Monday, 24 March 2008

in the merde.

Might be a bit sporadic for a while. My laptop is currently tombe en panne (completely buggered) ... it should be alright because it will either get fixed or replaced by my travel insurance or the home and contents but I'm not sure how long it will take and in the meantime I'm at the mercy of public technology. Wooh.

PS. Mum, can you find the receipts for the laptop and the APP (warranty) please and email them to me? They're electronic and should be backed up on a cd in my room by the foot of my bed. Thanks.

I wish I knew more French swearwords. My phone is currently marching at least.

UPDATE: My computer is fixed perfectly and I want to marry the magical macman that fixed it for free!


Margie said...

any further luck? how is the insurance coming along etc?

Sam said...

i think one sounds like "poo-tah".
btw, thanks for b-day message! -sam.