Tuesday, 4 March 2008

all coffeed up.

Macaron-A-Day #8: Nougatine

This one was kind of weird, because it actually reminded me of a yo-yo biscuit. Although a yo-yo with the superior macaron texture and lovely little nutty bits and icing with real vanilla bean seeds. But not really nougaty, but actually kind of malty...

Yes, which didn't make sense at all, until this morning I had the brainwave to ask my French teacher if 'nougat' and 'nougatine' were the same thing. 'MAIS NON!'. After a very long conversation, I finally figured out that nougatine is actually what I would call praline (ie. a shattered toffee with shards of nuts). It took a long time because: 1. I don't speak French. 2. The dictionary didn't know 'nougatine'. 3. My brain broke and I couldn't remember the world praline. 4. The word praline in French means something else (a lolly - an almond covered in caramel).

So now this photo makes no sense whatsoever which is a shame because I was quite happy with it.

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Molly said...

Miss Em, I think your photo is gorgeous :o) And lets not forget that art doesn't need to make sense :o)