Saturday, 22 March 2008

hoping the sun stays out until after lunch in the park.

Macaron-A-Day # 13: Rouge Diva

Jeez. You have no idea how difficult this photo was to take. I'm rapidly realising that travelling is one of those things that's good to do on your own, but better with a friend for so many reasons. We're getting on to the more abstract flavours and I'm having to get a bit more creative. And flexible.

What flavour is this supposed to be? Good question. I thought it tasted a lot like blackberry jam, or that rich raspberry jam that you get in the middle of really good doughnuts from the markets. And with chocolate icing of course. Of course.


Ben said...

Perhaps it is a macaroon comprised entirely out of red, arrogant female singers?

And that is a really amazing photo, by the way. I know what it's like to travel alone, but at least you'll have all of these creative depth-of-field photos to show for it.

m∃ said...

Yeah, the update is that it's supposed to be 'fruits du bois'. Ok, I've no idea if i've written that right, but basically fruits of the forest I think, so red and black berries, so I was pretty much right!

But I kind of like the idea that somewhere in a Macaron factory they're grinding up arrogant singers...very Sweeney Todd meets the Con.

Yeah, I'll have creative photos. And if the stories are to be believed, I'll have a whole heap of character! Fingers crossed!