Friday, 7 March 2008

pleasantly surprised.

Macaron-A-Day #10: Noix de Coco

I really wasn't looking forward to this one, because I can't stand dessicated coconut. The coconut drink at Thea makes me gag nearly as much as the Milky Almond Tea. This was lovely though - more like coconut milk than dessicated coconut, and almost like coconut ice but without being quite as sickly. This was so rich and creamy and warm and wonderful, I think it might make it into the top 3 so far!


Molly said...

coconut milk macaron! oh yum! what did you pair it with? something hot and chocolatey might be interesting if you want to do a repeat :o)

m∃ said...

Oh it would be perfect with some thick Italian hot chocolate, but unfortunately hot chocolate here is just like home and a bit boring. Maybe I canbuy some and take them on a road trip! =)