Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Macaron-A-Day #12: Vanille

It's funny isn't it, that vanilla is often thought of as 'plain'. I love vanilla, it's so warm and fragrant, and did you know it comes from an orchid?

This macaron was truly rich and vanilla-y, and the (expensive, artisan) ice-cream tasted quite bland in comparison.

Three very enthusiastic thumbs up - fine holiday fun.


Molly said...

I'm with you Em, good vanilla is delicious. I think fast food milkshakes have given vanilla a bad name. That, and people cooking with dodgy synthetic essence instead of pods or proper vanilla extract.
BTW - that pic is gorgeous. Did you have to wait to get the ice cream to the perfect amount of melty-ness? :o)
x M

m∃ said...

No...that was incidental. Glad you like it! I was trying to have the beautiful grand theatre in the background here but the light dind't work so this was actually a hurrid plan b!

m∃ said...


my bad french is making my good(?) english look all wrong...